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Intended UseFor self monitoring of blood glucose
MethodAmperometric glucose biosensor
Physical Characteristic35-38mm(L) × 6mm(W) × 0.8mm(H)
MaterialBase Material :PET
 Electrode : Carbon
Chemical ComponentsEnzyme : Glucose oxidase
 Mediator : Potassium ferricyanide
 Others : Non-reactive ingredient
FunctionSample Type : Capillary whole blood finger tip or AST
 Sample Volume : 0.7 uL
 Sampling Method : Capillary
 Reaction Time : 7 seconds
PerformanceLinear Range : 20~600 mg/dL (1.1~33.3 mmole)
 Precision : <5 % with respect to control solution
 Accuracy : >95% fall in Zone A and B (Blood EGA test)
StabilityOperation : 10’C ~ 40’C , RH<85%
 Storage : 4’C ~ 40’C, RH<85%
ValidityCan Pack : 90 days from can opened , or 18 months from production date
 Individual Foil Pack : 18 months from production date
Warning :
[img][/img]Don’t use expired strip
[img][/img]This strip is only used with Advocate Meters
[img][/img]Close the can immediately every time when a strip is taken out
[img][/img]Fluoride: Cannot put fluoride into blood as the preservative
[img][/img]Iodoacetic acid: It is impossible to put Iodoacetic acid into blood as the [img][/img] preservative as well
[img][/img]New born baby: New born baby are not recommended to do this test
[img][/img]Reductant: High density of Vitamin C or uric acid may influence [img][/img]glucose value
[img][/img]Hematocrit: Hematocrit above than 60% may cause lower glucose [img][/img] value
[img][/img]Hematocrit: Hematocrit lower than 20% may cause higher glucose [img][/img] value

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