NeuroMax Pain & Muscle Relief Gel

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NeuroMax is a unique fast-acting, non-greasy pain relief gel that uses ALL NATURALingredients to effectively combat aches and pains. Methyl Salicylate provides powerful pain-fighting action, while eight natural homeopathic agents work together to provide additional anti-inflammatory properties and condition/protect the skin. Our Biopolysan formula literally drives the ingredients into the affected tissue, delivering relief in seconds – all with a pleasant, cooling sensation complemented by an airy, quickly-vanishing scent. Features:

•Fights pain in three ways

•Great for all types of aches and pains

•Homeopathic agents relieve and condition skin

•Biopolysan drives relief quickly to the site of the pain

•Non-greasy formula with a light, vanishing scent

Pain Relief Gel

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