Mirage Swift™ II

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  • The most popular mask on the market just got better than ever with the Mirage Swift™ II nasal pillows system. The nasal pillows rest gently at the entrance of the nostrils for a secure seal while the mask’s unobtrusive design provides a clear field of vision and allows users to read, wear glasses or watch television. It is 86% quieter than the original Mirage Swift, featuring an improved vent design that gently disperses air away from you and your bed partner in a downward angle that is more aligned with natural breath. One of the lightest nasal pillows systems in the market, the Swift II weighs less than 2.5 oz (about 72 g) and offers four interchangeable tube positions so users can sleep comfortably in various positions. Each system includes three pillow sizes and can be fitted or removed quickly and easily with minimal adjustment.

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